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Zula Europe Announcement

As Zula’s developer Madbyte Games we are seeing what is happening to our game which we worked so hard to develop and then gave the European Publishing rights to the Publisher IDC Games with a revenue share deal. Regarding clarify the IDC Games’ allegation which not to provide an update, the allegation does not reflect the real situation and all updates of the game are provided.
Here is what happened behind the scenes.
IDC Games have been in breach of its contractual obligations for a long time and despite all warnings, it has not been fulfilled. For a long time we negotiated to have our game back from the Publisher. And since April 2020 they stopped paying us our earned revenue shares. Our negotiations have been stalled without any success. Now they also closed the servers.
No developer wants it’s years of development of a game to go wasted, especially in a fruitful market like Europe. Zula PC is the only focus title of Madbyte Games which has in other markets very good results.
Therefore we will try to find new ways for Zula Europe players to play the game. We will share with you our progress in this regard in a short time.

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