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About Us


Madbyte Games is a game development studio located in Istanbul/Turkey. Founded in 2012, the studio has a team that consists of people who had worked together in Turkey’s well-known AAA projects for a long time. The team grew larger by welcoming young, talented developers who are devoted to developing games. After receiving support from studios abroad, MadByte Games focused on developing an MMOFPS (Massively Multiplayer First Person Shooter) that will be published both in Turkey and abroad.

The aforementioned game not only stands out by being the first game to be developed in that genre in Turkey but also with its local content and the studio’s attempt to share the game development process with its fans and enthusiasts. You can check the ongoing development in our “Dev Blog” and share your opinions and suggestions with us.

If you are also a game development enthusiast and want to join our team, please check our “Career” page. Maybe it would be you who enters on the fifth day, from the east door of our office.